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    pdfform error

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      I need some assistance... I have been successfully using the pdfform tag for
      the last months on an application. NOTHING has change in the code but all
      of a sudden I'm now getting this error message:

      Security: The requested template has been denied access to
      The following is the internal exception message: access denied
      (coldfusion.runtime.FunctionPermission createobject(java))

      // PDF form input stream
      135 : formIS=CreateObject("java", "java.io.FileInputStream");
      136 : formIS.init(ARGUMENTS.PDFForm);
      137 :

      this application is being hosted on a hosting server (i have no control of
      the cf admin).

      Please advice what might be the problem!

      Thank you in advance!

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          ksmith Level 1
          ColdFusion sandbox and security settings allow you to turn off access to certain tags. Your hosting service has turned off your access to CreateObject, as the error says.

          A hosting service might choose not to give you access to the CF administrator, fearing you could break the CF for everyone or someone else sharing the box. They might also turn off cfobject/createobject to prevent you from programatically doing the admin tasks using the adminapi or their underlying java classes.
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            the hosting company confirmed that they turn of the 'createobject(java) tag'

            how do i get my pdfform to work now without this?

            thanks in advance!