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    Experiencing some sort of glitch with onion skinning


      I'm currently trying to rotoscope over a video clip for a class assignment right now and have run into some issues when I enable onion skins.


      I am drawing in a blank video layer using a clipping mask on the layer so the linework will appear white (for now) so that I can see it on top of the original video.


      I made it a few frames in with onion skins enabled without any issues but then when I went to the 4th frame or so and started to draw on my video layer it appears that nothing is being drawn on the layer. When I flip to the previous frame suddenly it seems as though what I was just previously drawing is now on this frame. This only occurs when I have onion skins enabled. When I disable it the drawn image appears on the correct frame.


      I'm not sure whether anyone else has experienced this before or has any suggestions as to what to fool around with to fix this, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      I am using Photoshop cs6 on a mac.