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    Adobe Premiere Pro Won't Export To Adobe Media Encoder?

    Trey Carey

      I Work for a news company and we use Adobe for aeverything we need. But when we take a little break from doing videos while we where moving to a new office space, and suddenly we start again and It decided not to export to the Adobe Media Encoder. Usually it was a 5 second process and now it does not work at all. We have adobe premiere pro cs5.5 from the CC (We are currently not planning on upgrading to CS6 anytime soon.) We have no plugins for it and it works for everything else. When I use the Exporter it Exports in in too low of a quality for use. Help? If you need I work at better-community-news.com, Sooolutions (Seprate buisness same owner.) Glad Studios, (also same owner...all the places I work are the same guy), X.L.N.T Marketing and thats about it. Its a team of 3 guys and we would appricate any help! Thanks!

      ~ Better Community News