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    RH for Word or for HTML-Which is better choice?

      My company has an HPJ project created using RH for Word X4. The hard drive crashed that had X4 on it and Adobe won't reserialize our X4, so we're forced into making fast decisions, first whether to stay with RH, and second whether we'd be best off to import our project into RH for Word vs HTMLHelp. I've done enough amateur website development to feel comfortable switching to HTMLHelp, but future inheritors of the documentation role may be more comfortable with Word as the editing environment. My question to you is whether there's strategic advantage to switching to HTMLHelp, perhaps due to decreased complexity or to increased future HAT tool purchasing options due to greater project portability, or ...? I'm starting a trial of RH7 today, so am trying to decide now into which authoring environment I should import our project.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Interesting question.

          I am certainly one of those who would go the HTML route as the HTML code created there is much cleaner and less prone to issues than HTML created by Word. Also you can get at the HTML and do things in the help that are not possible when working with Word. However, you have hit the nail on the head when you mention future authors in your company. Increasingly I believe that being able to work with an HTML tool, which is not the same as needing to have a good understanding of HTML, will become a basic expectation of anyone seeking a technical authoring role, if it is not already. But there are many organisations where the job is part time and knowledge of Word is all that can be expected. Personally I would go the HTML route and force the issue. It should not take too much to get someone else to the point where they can follow on.

          When I first created help I used RH HTML I started by using Word as the editor. I hit some problems and was persuaded to use the HTML editor. I got help along the way and now I would not consider anything else. If I can do it, anyone can.

          If you are going to import from a project created using Word, do take a look at the topic on my site about importing from Word.