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    Placing the lighthouse logo


      I managed to complete every step right to the last, but my version of Photoshop does not have the "place" option in the file menu.  It does have place - embed and place - link, neither of which worked to open the image as shown.  HOw do you accomplish this with the options given.  I tried both but I can not figure it out. Where is the place option that is shown in the video?  Has it moved?


      I am on Windows 8.1 and whatever is the latest update of Photoshop as I just updated it a day or so ago.

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          ranielse Adobe Employee


          Good question.

          Short answer: Use File > Place Embedded


          Long answer: Last week's update to Photoshop introduced Linked Smart Objects. As part of implementing that feature, the team changed the Place UI. You can now choose File > Place Embedded or File > Place Linked.


          Either one should work just fine, however, to emulate the previous behavior, select File > Place > Embedded


          Hope this helps,

          Randy Nielsen

          Learning Content Manager, Creative Cloud Learning


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            JaneSpau Level 1

            I did try that and it did not work. I am a long time Paint Shop Pro user so I am not totally lost here, but I have tried opening the image while the bottom/lighthouse layer is selected.hoping that would work.  It is opening up a new layer but the layer is emply and there is something that appears at the bottom of the screen whick I tried to drag to my image with no luck.  Eventually I deleted the layer created by the place option and closed down to come here and ask.  I would love to see the original place option with the dropdown like the tut shows.  That looked to be very useful.    I did try the place linked too.  Same thing.  Just thought maybe I was doing the wrong thing.


            While I am asking, how do you open an image from the clipboard? I tried to do this for a good 10 minutes the other day, searching the help files and looking through menu options.  I use paste as a new image in PSP, which is simple to do and works quite well.  I was really surprised to see that Photoshop, for all t's bells and whistles, did not have this simple option.  i am sure it is just a matter of my knowing how.  Same for copy/paste as a new image.  Any tips?

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              JaneSpau Level 1

              I forgot to add, I am working from the files provided for the tutorial.

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                JaneSpau Level 1

                OK, I just tried again to add a new photo layer to this using one of my own PNG files and still I am getting an empty layer.  This si totally frustrating.  I do hope you can help.

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                  JaneSpau Level 1

                  This does not work, as I stated in my original message.  I have added a bit

                  more info to the original post on the forum.  Basically what happens is

                  that I get an empty layer.  I did try with one of my own files and had the

                  same result.  Is this a bug in Windows 8.1?

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                    Michael Salinero Employee Moderator

                    Hi JaneSpau,


                    I can't reproduce this issue, so I asked one of our support experts if he has seen this issue. He has not seen it, but suggest that you try reseting preferences. This often clears up problems. Here is a link to info on resetting.




                    A preference reset is also recommended on this basic troubleshooting page:


                    http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2012/07/photoshop-basic-troubleshooting-steps-to-fix-mos t-issues.html#Preferences