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    InDesign CC 9.2.0 Repeated Error on Launch - Duplicate InDesign.Linguistics plugin

    Paul Rauschelbach

      After updating to Adobe to InDesign 9.2.0, I receive an error on launch that there is a duplicate plugin, InDesign.Linguistics. It advises me to remove the duplicate plugin, asks me if I want to see the message again, and gives me the options No or Yes (default). Clicking either option dismisses the dialog, then it returns. I can click either all day, and it does not stop. Force quitting, then clicking the dialog once more brings me back to the Desktop.


      I have done repair disk permissions and cleaned font caches. Deleted all InDesign preferences. I have uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign. I have tried a new empty Test User account. No luck. The behavior is still there. I uninstalled all Creative Cloud applications, including Desktop, ran the CC Cleaner Tool, restarted, reinstalled. Still get the duplicate plugin error requiring a force quit.


      Mac OS X 10.9.1, iMac Mid 2010, 12GB RAM


      Anyone else having this issue?


      Any new troubleshooting ideas?