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    Publishing problems in v7.0.1 and 8.0.1


      When I Publish/zip a PowerPoint (2007) in Presenter v7.0.1, I am able to upload the zipped file to StoreMedia, and it will play fine, except the layouts of some slides are altered. Text boxes moving in relation arrows, etc.


      When I publish the same PowerPoint using v8.0.1, I am unable to upload to StoreMedia, as it senses multiple .htm or .html files in the folder. Upon inspection, there are several files in addition to the usual index.htm file.


      Any ideas for a fix with either version?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          For 7.0.1, update to 7.0.6 or 7.0.7, as that will implement many bug and compatibility issues.


          For 8.0.1 do you have reporting in the quiz manager turned on? This may place additional HTML files in the published output.


          The AICC HTML files are:





          SCORM HTML file:



          Other HTML files:





          Can you specify in StoreMedia to look to the index.htm file or rename the index.htm file to something that StoreMedia would prefer?

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            Zeemacz070 Level 1

            Thank you. The upgrade to 7.0.6 fixed the scrambled slide layout upon Publish.


            Yes, indeed, reporting was switched on for the show being Published in 8.0.1. After switching this off, it uploaded into StoreMedia without problem. There is no mechanism, as there is in Angel, to specify a target file when opening a zipped file published with Presenter. But, turning off Reporting did the trick.