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    Make objects flow with text?

    straightlife Level 1

      I'm doing an entire book which contains about 100 photos which I'm putting inline with the text to illustrate it.

      Trouble is, when I make any changes anywhere, the object/photo winds up in the wrong place.


      I've found an old article (2009) in a blog online that tells a way to make an object flow with text by basically fooling indesign to thinking the object is text (you copy the graphic and then choose the text tool and paste the graphic into the text -- and voila, it's there with an anchor on it.)

      It's a slightly wonky method (the existing text goes a little crazy and you have to fix it and sometimes repeat the process a few times) but I've tried using other anchoring methods and I can't figure them out.


      Has anything been changed since 2009 that makes it possible to simply anchor an object to surrounding text without anchoring the entire text frame of the page (which is what online help currently instructs you to do).  I don't want whole blocks of text to move.  I want the object to flow.  With the text.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look at an Inline Anchored Object. Should do what you want.

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            straightlife Level 1

            Yes, that's exactly what I've been doing.  but for some reason, when I click in the text to add the object the EXISTING text goes all screwy and races away from the object as if it has the flu. 


            In the lovely picture I saw in "How to anchor objects in indesign 10 steps with pictures" the object goes right into the text which moves over just enough to accommodate the object.  The existing text appears right alongside the object.


            I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  And of course once the object is there it can't be moved at all because it's anchored.


            Here's what it looks like when it goes wrong.  and I can't fix this.  I've tried and tried.  The frame is listed as none.  Here's an example.


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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              do you have text wrap set on the photo?

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                straightlife Level 1

                No!  But I just checked out another how-to on Youtube and I've been missing an important step.  Namely, select the object, go to Object/anchored object, and choose options and you can modify how the object is situated. So I've got it now.  Thanks, Peter.


                Here it is.  So simple.  geeeez.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx_kTK90BLc


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                  Joel Cherney Level 5

                  Which version of ID are you using? If it's CC or CS6 (I think), it's easier to use a custom anchored object than an inline anchored object. Contra Larry, I don't think you want an inline anchored object - because you want the text to flow around it.  If you draw a frame outside of your text flow, place an image into it, and then grab the little blue box that is on the top of the frame, you will create a custom anchored object that is not part of the text flow. You can then position it using the selection tool, apply a text wrap, and so on. There are a bunch of limitations that are hard to explain but easy to experience. Notably, text wrap affects text below the anchor. Not above. This will influence where you decide to anchor your objects.


                  Another way to get to the same place is to select one of your inline anchored objects, then go to Object -> Anchored Object -> Options and use the pulldown to switch from Inline to Custom.

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                    Joel Cherney Level 5

                    Well, that serves me right for not previewing before posting. Glad you figured it out.

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                      straightlife Level 1

                      Joel, when I switch from inline to Custom (I'm using CC) I frequently have the problem that text then completely ceases to wrap at all.


                      And I do need the object to flow with the text. 

                      You've partly explained my problem in that it wraps okay below the anchor.

                      The text at the top doesn't wrap.

                      but I realize that my understanding of "above line" (and so on) is awfully flawed.  What line?


                      That youtube video helped a lot, but I guess I need a translation of the terminology and an understanding of how the thing works.  I've got more then 50 photos more to get through and each one I've done has taken me forever to get situated properly. 


                      I usually group the photo and the caption before I cut and paste with the text tool.


                      Any tips, any pointing me toward some good and not too confusing instructions (hopefully with lots of pictures -- I learn best visually) would be appreciated. 


                      When I use "custom" I can't figure out how to choose what to align the object to.  Column edge? text frame? etc. 

                      I can't figure out what any of that means.  What part of the object am I aligning to the text frame?  And to what part of the text frame? See what I mean?  Thanks.

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                        straightlife Level 1

                        But wait!  Wait.  Ignore my other comment. The little blue box?  I didn't know about that.  I tried that.  It worked.  I don't want to jinx myself, but it worked beautifully. 
                        Then I tried to see if it would flow with the text and it did!

                        Have you solved my entire problem?  Oh, I hope so.  Thanks.

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          The "line" in inline/above line refers to the line of text in which the object is being anchored...


                          And it might help you if you understand how text wrap works for anchored objects, which is different from how it works with free-floating objects. For inline/above line, applied text wrap affects text in the line holding the anchor and any text following that line. For cutom anchored objects it affects only text in lines following the line that holds the anchor. Text wrap on anchored objects never affects text in lines above the point at which they are anchored.