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    question on Accordion usage with scrollable children

      I've got an accordion component with VBoxes as the children. The VBoxes contain several custom components each, enough that I've got scroll bars on the accordion children VBoxes. The custom components have states that are supposed to be triggered on MouseOver and MouseOut. I use getBounds on these components to see if they contain the MouseOut event's point. If it doesn't, then I revert back to the original state. The MouseOver state adds a couple buttons at the bottom of the component.

      Everything is working fine, except for when the lowest visible component in one VBox is clipped by the header of the next accordion's child. When I move the mouse from inside the component, down out the bottom and over the next accordion header, the coordinates of the MouseOut event still fall within the local and content coordinate system of the component, even though it is clipped on the bottom by the header.

      I've read through the coordinate system docs and tried various permutations of local, global, and content positioning. I would've thought that the local coordinate system would reflect what is visible, but it isn't acting like that is the case.

      Any ideas on how I can detect MouseOut on that component that is clipped by the next accordion header?