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    Is my DRM information stored safely?




      Recently I installed the Digital Editions application in order to read an epub file. This file, however, came password protected by DRM. I used the information at hand in order to read the file. After this one time password request, the file can be opened without it at any time. The questuons are: Is this information stored safely? If I uninstall Adobe Digital Editions, will this info be erased?


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          sjpt Level 4

          Once any book is accessed it is locked to the Adobe account in use at the time.

          As long as you still have the .epub file and authorize any device with that Adobe account it should work.

          Just make sure you have the account email/password to hand.


          You can chante the email and/or password associated with an Adobe account at any time.

          That does not affect the book, it is locked to the account itself, not to the email/password currently registered for the account.

          Keep the registered email address up to date in case you need password recovery,

          or in case Adobe has another security breech that means they reset all accounts and you need the email to recover the account.