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    Variable Scope Question with function(success)

      I'm trying to get my poor XML file to return node values to an array so that I might tween them later on. My primary concert at the moment is that I get "undefined" once attempting to trace myArray[1] supposedly after the function should have run. Yet, it appears the function runs after as my output looks like

      undefined (my trace(myArray[1]))
      News Item number 1 (traced values from my loop)
      News Item number 2
      News Item number 3
      News Item number 4

      My XML is simple :

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <item>News Item number 1</item>
      <item>News Item number 2</item>
      <item>News Item number 3</item>
      <item>News Item number 4</item>

      Anyone have any input? I know it's a scope issue but I'm completely fuzzy as how to figure it out.
        • 1. Variable Scope Question with function(success)
          Greg Dove Level 4
          Its not actually a scope issue. Its a timing issue. The sequential order of the instructions in the source code is making you think otherwise.

          When you request:


          Flash starts the loading process for the xml file, but doesn't stop executing other code while its loading (which could take an unknown amount of time, so you wouldn't really normally want to prevent the possibility to keep doing other things).

          output_xml.onLoad is called a event handler and it runs at some point in time in the future after your xml has been loaded and parsed by flash... the code that it executes inside its assigned function, either directly or as calls to defined functions elsewhere, can access the xml values because they have been loaded and now exist.

          So, in short, your line:


          is executing before the xml has loaded. Which is why your myArray[1] value is undefined at that point in time.