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    Need Help


      I still cannot get rid of the black background on a fireball clip I downloaded so I can place it over a certain clip in my video I want to place fireball over. I must be skipping a step because all I can get is placing in the video as a clip. I just have not been able to change the background to transparency to place on top of existing clip. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

                Thank you,

                                Marvin Engel

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Marvin Engel


          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          If it is a Mac computer, you will be limited in what you can use to convert the colored background to transparency. In Mac, no Chroma Key, No Green Screen Key, No Blue Screen Key. But, there is Videomerge and the Difference Key to think about if your Premiere Elements is on Mac.


          So, what are your details? What have you tried that is not working for you?


          If Premiere Elements on Windows, I would go with Chroma Key. Complications can arise if you do not have a solid colored distinct background and if you have background colors that present also in the image.


          Details, please.





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            BigMFishing Level 1

            Hello AT

            I am running Windows 7. I have tried the steps that are on the Adobe help

            page. What I have been doing is placing my main clip on video 1 line using

            the expert mode of Premiere Elements 11, and then placing the short clip

            insert of fireball on video 2 line. The clip I want to make background

            transparent is black. I just want the fireball only to appear on top of

            main clip in certain area on main clip. I have tried for the past two hours

            and it is eating my lunch.

               Marvin Engel

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              BigMFishing Level 1

              I have been following the steps on Adobe create transparency with


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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Marvin Engel


                Please use Chroma Key instead.


                If you think it would help, you could post a screenshot of the image in question whose background needs to be made transparent. It should be an easy job for Chroma Key in most instance.


                I am not a fan of Videmerge which is sometimes referred as an automated Chroma Key.



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                  BigMFishing Level 1
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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    Marvin Engel


                    I just saw a blank message from you in the forum. Were you trying to send that screenshot?


                    If so, that is best done by doing a screen capture (jpg) and posting in the forum post (see camera icon in the field where you are writing your message) when the forum is accessed from a browser rather than a mobile device.



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                      BigMFishing Level 1

                      Hello AT.

                      I used the Chroma Key and dragged it over to the clip I wanted to remove

                      background and it worked perfect!  I did send the two short 4 second clips

                      that I was having trouble with. I attached them to a reply e-mail.

                      Anyway your advice worked perfect using the Chroma Key. Wow I can't believe

                      how simple it was using Chroma Key. Will Chroma key work on backgrounds

                      that are not Black or do I need to use a different effect for like a blue

                      sky background?

                      I shoot videos for my Fishing Guide Service down here in South Texas. You

                      can view my vids on youtube. Just type my name in and it will take you

                      directly to my channel.

                      I really appreciate the expert advice you provided to me. You are a

                      lifesaver. (I want to purchase Premiere Elements 12 & Photoshop 12 in the

                      near future)

                      Thank you for your help.

                                  Marvin Engel

                      Contact me anytime and I will let you know how far along I am coming with

                      my projects.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                        Marvin Engel


                        Thanks for the follow up and great news of your success with Chroma Key. Great job.


                        You should fine it very useful with colored backgrounds, not just black.


                        The fact that the program uses black to represent transparency needs to be remembered when you have the color black in an import. If you have created an image with a transparent background in another program and you mess up on the format and lose the transparency, Chroma Key in Premiere Elements can take care of that oversight and usually helps you replace the black color with transparency.


                        Complications set in when the color you want to transform to transparency is also in the image that you want to keep.


                        Continued success.



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                          BigMFishing Level 1

                          Thanks for the additional info AT!

                          I am still learning Elements 11

                          I will improve over time. Trial and Error for me.lol

                          Take Care,

                                      Marvin Engel