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    Sub surface skin effect

    MXMXVR Level 1

      Hi, I'm trying to do this effect.


      Everything works fine as you see in the image below.


      But after I render the video, the effect turn to this.





      It happens pretty much the same stuff when I use feather on a mask!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Render settings. Output Module settings.. There's your problem. It looks like you are dropping color space. What happens if you render to Lossless or try rendering a 16 or 32 bit image sequence, then compress that? Go to Composition and render a frame as a layered PSD file and see what that looks like. Without knowing your render settings and your project setup in detail I'm only guessiing.

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            MXMXVR Level 1

            Correct! When I check Preserve RGB > Color Management > Output Module Settings it doesn't work. When you don't check Preserve RGB and select "On for 32 bpc" on Convert to linear light's drop down menu it works fine. Thanks again gentleman.