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    Question for Curt, or Anyone


      Curt responded to my original question which was, must I first use the DNG convertor to open my CR2 raw images from a Canon G16 into ACR 8.2, and PS CS6 on a Mac?

      He said I did not. I tried once again and was unable to open them without using the DNG Convertor 8.2. Files from two older Canons open from the original CR2 raw images.

      Please help me with some detail.  Thanks.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          DNG 8.2 and ACR 8.2 should be the same.  So if it opens in one it should open in the other.  There are some users that shun DNG and like to open in ACR.  Some are just the reverse.  So pick you poision.


          Since Canon G16 is new, I would use the ACR 8.3 to make sure all the profiles are updated.


          Most problems with ACR are having the file in the wrong folder or having more than one file in the folder.