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    Nested AJAX

      So, I've put together a dashboard using AJAX and it displays perfectly using IE6 and Firefox. IE7 is another story.

      Basically, there's three templates, main.cfm, m_output.cfm and m_chart.cfm. The main.cfm starts out with an hbox layout where the source for each hbox comes from m_output.cfm. m_output.cfm also contains an hbox layout. m_chart dynamically creates cfpods for each measurement. I've attached code here, but it's not all the code on each page...it's just to illustrate how I've nested the AJAX so you can see how I've gotten to this point. Anyway, it displays perfectly in Firefox and IE6, where as, the pods go about five across and then start a new row, laying out on the page as you would expect. However, in IE7, it tries to go six pods across and I get the dreaded scroll bars on the sixth pod, therefore forcing the user to use the scroll bar to see the contents of the sixth pod. Have I discovered a bug? Has anyone tried this? I'm sure there's nothing I can do in my code to change this, but I thought it would be worth posting with the hope for a fix to the AJAX/Jscript behind the scenes.

      Here's some screen shots for illustration purposes.
      Correct display using Firefox:

      The display issue I'm having with IE7:

      Any ideas? Thoughts?

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          coffeedrinker56 Level 1
          It's probably the same IE7 bug that's commonly "discovered" when using CSS to specify width. Basically it blows right through the right side of a screen even if the output is limited to a specific width. In a situation like this...
          <div id="pageDimensions">
          <div id="leftColumnDimensions"></div>
          <div id="centerColumnDimensions"></div>
          <div id="rightColumnDimension"></div>
          ... I've specified a 1024px width for "pageDimensions", then within that block, specified "leftColumn" width at 200px, "centerColumnDimensions" as 600px, and "rightColumnDimensions" as 200px.
          But to ensure that the central [main] output area doesn't "blow out" the right-hand side in IE7, I've had to manually ensure that the content width doesn't exceed the 600px width that was allocated.