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    Adding Audio to previous Edge file in new Edge v3. Audio files don't appear?


      Hi All,


      Pretty exciting stuff that there is a new Edge Version out with Audio!  So I gave it a go on a project I have made previously and had been using Buzz Audio, which I had working fine, but this new version looks like a much cleaner way to go (snaps to everyone on the Edge team).


      However I have immediately encountered a problem when adding the Audio files to the library using the "+" symbol.  I select the files to add which are .mp3 format and select Open.  There is no error message, the Audio library flashes as though a new audio file has been added but then is back to it's original state showing no audio files are available (yes i've checked the Audio drop down arrow sever times ) ?


      I then tried this using a new blank document and the audio files added fine as expected.


      Can't seem to find why Audio wouldn't add to my previous project file which is about 1MB in total size and created with the previous version of Edge CC.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas,