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    How To Best Use Three Drives in a Laptop Setup


      Hi Adobers,


      I've got a laptop with the following specs:


      CPU Type - Intel Core i7-3610QM

      CPU Speed - 2.3GHz

      CPU ID - 306A9h


      Integrated Graphics - Intel Ivy Bridge

      Discrete Graphics 1 - Nvidia GT 650M


      Total Memory - 12GB


      So I removed the optical drive and the hard disc drive so that's two drive slots available for whatever and I have an mSata slot so that's another drive option. I will be creating kinetic typography videos no more than 8 minutes long with minimal work in Premiere Pro which also would not be longer than 8 minutes. Now back to my laptop, the mSata slot and primary drive slot is Sata 3 and the optical disc slot is Sata 2. With that being said I was thinking about getting an mSata 128GB for the OS and programs. For the optical disc slot I would put in a HDD(in a caddy of course) for storage and then another HDD or SSD in the primary drive space as cache. My concern is if this is the right approach and if so then how much space should be on each drive including the mSata? If this is not the best configuration then what do you fellow Adobers suggest that I do regarding what types of drives I should use, such as SSD vs HDD, what should be the purpose of each drive, and how big should each one be? Also should I bump up my memory to 16GB or is that unnecessary?


      Thank You,