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    Accessing resources in another swf

      I am developing a web site in Flash. It consists of a number of swf "pages". I find that I am using the same font regularly and am having to embed it into each page.
      Is it possible to embed it into only one "base" page and then use the font in other pages which are loaded into it ?
      If so, how do I go about achieving this ?

      Hope someone will be able and willing to help me with this.
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          PumaCam Level 1
          I have started investigating the use of Font symbols.
          What I find is that, if I do not create a textfield on the stage at design time, any textfields created at runtime will not be able to use the font symbol.
          I am using Flash 8.

          Does anyone know if it is possible to get round this - that is, only use the font in textfields created at runtime?