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    MC within a MC problem

      Alrighty then i have a bit of a problem, i'll lay it down as simple as possible.

      I am doing a website for someone, the buttons are smiley faces. What happens when you mouse over is 2 things, (or atleast are supposed to) the figure bounces and plays its other animation (which is horns coming out and retracting on mouse off) first make the animation then i put it into a BOUNCE movie clip to bounce it or make it move up and down. I used a smooth transition code (which is below) so that when you mouse on it plays the movie, mouse off it doesn't cut it off it just lowers it.

      For the smooth transition MC on the first frame is a stop on the last frame is the following code:

      if (repeat) {
      } else {

      Ok now again this above MC is INSIDE of the bounce MC. So lets go back to the stage and look at my bounce MC

      on (rollOver, dragOver) {
      _root.bounce.f = true;
      repeat = true;
      on (rollOut, dragOut, releaseOutside) {
      _root.bounce.f = false;
      repeat = false;

      onClipEvent (load) {
      f = false
      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      if (f == true) {
      } else if (f != true) {

      On my the above MC the code where ON CLIP EVENT begins is a forward/backward code so that the MC INSIDE BOUNCE will smoothly come play (horns come out of head) and reverse (horns retract into head) on mouse off.

      Now what is happening is when you mouse over it the figure bounces and horns come out slightly, i have identified the problem but do not know how to fix it. If you notice i have this.gotoAndPlay(2); this tells the BOUNCE MC to begin bouncing but the code inside of the BOUNCE MC on the last frame basically states to continously repeat (i.e. bounce) if the mouse is over, the horns only play to about frame 6 of 12 and keep repeating, they do not fully come out as they are supposed to. I am a bit lost with this now, if needed i will post an FLA but in the mean time i hope someone can help. Thanks.