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    Flash CC doesn't start up after last update

    Snoep Games Level 1

      Flash CC doesn't start up after last update. It said "Training en zelfstudie" (Training and self-stufy in Dutch) for the update.

      Everything was working fine before the update, now if I try to start-up Flash solo,

      it says: "Flash werkt niet meer" (Flash has stopped working), and quits.

      As you can probably tell from the message, I'm on Windows 7.


      Now here is interesting info: if I double click a previous movie, then Flash starts up fine and loads the previous movie.

      However when I close it and the screen that should appear is the "new movie" dialog, flash hangs again.


      So obviously something went wrong installing the new update, or the update doesn't work properly.

      I'm now working with my pre-cc flash5.5 version, which I re-installed to avoid crashing flash every time I close a file.


      My questions:

      1- Where do I log this problem? (Or am I in the right place?)

      2- Can I re-install the previous version, which worked fine? (I can live without tutorials etc.)

      3- Can I try to re-install this version if the above is not possible and how do I go about doing that?