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    Scrolling from a variable position

    HarleySoftailer Level 1

      I have created a symbol that is a horizontal banner consisting of six paragraphs of text P1 thru P6.  Each paragraph is no more than 300 px wide.


      I then created six trigger symbols and placed them beneath a 300 x 300 vieweing window on the stage.


      When the stage opens, paragraph 1 (P1) is viewable in the window.  If the user clicks a trigger, I want the banner to scroll left or right, from its current position, to display the corresponding paragraph.


      Example : P1 is showing in the viewing window.  The user clicks trigger #4.  The banner scrolls right and eases P4 into view in the window.  The user then clicks trigger #2.  The banner then scrolls left and eases P2 into viewing position in the window.


      My old (very old) Flash training tells me I need to set a numeric value into a variable when each trigger is clicked and then use that value and concatenate it with label text to tell the play head to play from the proper postion (play ("Para1")), (play ("Para2")), etc.  where Para# is the label on the timeline.


      I feel like I'm close to getting this to work, but after a number of hours of trying I've concluded that over time I've either forgotten a key step or there's some easier way to do this in Edge Animate.  (I'm very new to CC and EA).


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.