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    Photoshop CC - Improvement ideas

    psd photography

      Dear Photoshop CC Team - Here's my Wishlist


      The tool icon (for example - the circle when using the brush tool) is very hard to spot on some background colours - like a grey BG (background) on a photo - it can disappear - can it not be set to other colours? Or automatically alter based on BG?


      Can tools like brush have an on-icon guide to opacity and hardness?

      Perhaps the tool icon can be two tone coloured and a clock face approach to showing how much opacity is being used? E.g. - half the icon one colour = 50% opacity.

      Hardness could simply be 1 to 4 cross strokes across the bottom of the icon? (As there are 4 settings)


      I use shortcuts all the time, but an on screen reference would still be better and quicker, especially as I use 100% opacity frequently and often assume it is set to that already only to have to backtrack as I'd left it at 20% from a different photo area.


      Is there a way to toggle (shortcut key) between highlights, midtones and shadows in the dodge and burn tool?

      If not, that's a perfect example of when my suggestions above may be useful - I hit the O key to do some dodging - and the small circle on the screen tells me nothing about if I am using dodge or burn. I have to look to the tool icon panel, then the top toolbar to see exposure and whether I am working in highlights or shadows etc.


      I'd really like to have these ideas thought about.