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    Need help with Windows PC purchase




      Can you please tell me if i would be better off ordering a Windows machine with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 vs. a higher resolution screen of 2880x1620 in order to use Photoshop CC?


      I understand that the higher resolution may not display properly and is not useable. I would prefer the higher resolution screen, but not at the cost of not being able to use PSCC which is something i plan on using on a daily basis and is the primary purpose for the laptop.


      Also, is there any advantage to ordering Windows 8 or 8.1 vs. Windows 7 with respect to running Photoshop CC?


      Thanks so much for your help.


      best to you,



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          Curt Y Level 7

          What size of a monitor are you considering?  From what I read MS and Adobe have been working for quite some time to come up with a solution for hi def screen, but it is not there yet.


          Win7 still works best for PS.  Always problems with new technology. 

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            There are no high resolution display's available for desktop machines in production.  There was the old IBM T221 4K 22.2 is display but there no longer produced the had a 204DPI resolution.  The closest to that these days is the Dell 27" 4k Display that has a 180DPI resolution.


            Laptop are available with high resolution displays.  These Display pixels properly. The problem user are having is they can not read application user interfaces for the were created to low resolution display. On high resolution display these display very small. You need a magnifying glass to read the text and see the icons.  Pixels on a 300DPI display are 1/9 the size of pixels on a 100DPI display they are 1/3 as wide and 1/3 as high.  Images look great they have a typical print dip resolution.  Text also looks great when a sized for a high resolution display.  The problem is not scaling text that is easy. The problem is the area size that applications allocated for their user interfaces are to small. Large text can not fit within the user interface areas.  Application need to allocate user interface areas based on you displays DPI.  However Displays DPI are not reported to the system through plug and play. OS does not know Displays DPI.  In the past all displays had about the same DPI resolution around 96DPI up from the old 72DPI default.  Phone Laptop and Tablet changed that.  I don't understand why no high resolution Desktop display are manufactured.  Perhaps when applications handle high resolution displays better.  Manufactures will produce them.  I will not buy three 30"+ displays for my desktop. I would buy 3 17" or 20" displays.  I would much rather have 4' or 5' of display area then a 9'display  area on my desktop.  For gaming I would go for three large 4k HDTV but at 73 I don't do much gaming just the easy Disney Infinity with my grandsons.

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              phxgreyhound Level 1

              Thanks so much Curt! Really appreciate your expertise!


              The laptop im going to purchase is a Lenovo w540 and my options for display size are 1920x1080 or 2880 x 1620. I dont need to use the laptop immediately for Photoshop as i have older machine i can use for the time being. I am going to use the new laptop for Photoshop and bookkeeping as well.


              I know this is a tough question to answer, but which display would you order if you were in the same situation im in? I guess the $64,000 question is how long will it take for MS/Adobe to correct the high rez issues (??)


              Would i be losing a lot of screen quality by going with less resolution? Currently im using a 2009 MacBook Pro 13" at 1280x800 and the display is pretty nice, but obviously i dont really want to wait around for a long time with a machine i cant use for photoshop on.


              Any opinion you can share would be greatly appreciated!


              best to you,



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                phxgreyhound Level 1

                Thank you JJMack. Always great to read your input!


                Do you think based on the information thats out there right now that i would be better with the 1920x1080 15" machine?


                I use Photoshop CC and also various plug ins like Nik Software and while i would love the extra resolution, i really dont want to wait too long to get up and running and i also dont do well with computer hassles (im not very knowledgeable with computers!)


                Thanks again for your comments. Always enjoy hearing from you.





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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  I think the part of the problem may be that displays as far as I know do not report size or resolution they just report number of pixels supported. Display sizes like width, height  or diagonal are not. So OS and applications can calculate Aspect Ratio but can not calculate a displays DPI resolution.