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    Rendering quality


      Help! I am a beginner and I am having problems with the rendering quality......I have put together a video on premiere elements 12 but when I play the whole thing back it pops up with the box recommending to render it for better quality & smoother playback however when i render it the quality of some of the clips go very pixilated and poor quality.  The quality is sooooo much better without rendering but the problem is when it isn't rendered after about 4 minutes of playback it starts freezing and jumping. Is there a way to get a smooth playback without rendering and effecting the image quality?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Rendering your timeline is simply a way to smooth out playback of your timeline and save you from getting out of memory messages. It doesn't effect the final look of your output movie.


          Meantime, you can improve the quality look of your playback by right-clicking on your Monitor and setting the playback quality to Best. But this will, of course, put a bit more of a challenge on your computer hardware to keep up.