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    Problem to display XML Flash sites on newer servers?

    fdohm Level 1

      None of our many browsers and browser versions (IE, Firefox, Chrome, some on XP systems in storage, not updated since 2010!) is able to display our Flash XML site "creativeservices.org" site on our HostGator server nor is the site visible to our clients here and overseas. To not loose clients we forwarded the site "creativeservices.org" to our Windows 2003 server.


      The site was successfully hosted on the HostGator server since June of 2010, with the main script for loading the Flash page "Main.as" dated 6/10/2010. We uploaded a site backup dated 1/15/2012 of "creativeservices.org" to our HostGator test site "http://eccopro.info" with the same "Main.as" and Flash file as it was working until recently in December of 2013. The same site, the same file structure, our original "creativeservices.org" is now hosted on our local server Windows 2003 in Beaufort, South Carolina with no display problems and without the need to start the site with the "Play" command.


      Please test the locally Windows 2003 hosted site "http://creativeservices.org" with any browser and compare the result with the HostGator installation at "http://eccopro.info" which shows only a white "load XML" on black background.  As said, the site at "http://eccopro.info" will come up if we click "Play" by pointing the cursor to the "load XML" while right-clicking the mouse. It seems to be a new "AutoStart" problem. We suspect a Flash security issue as part of a new updated Linux server OS related to a HostGator server migration in December of last year, proof is that the exact same Flash XML site works on our older Windows 2003 server and did work on the former HostGator server until December of 2013.


      Would some of you be able to pinpoint the sudden display problem?





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          Aaron Beall Level 3

          Strange... I don't even see any requests for the SWF or the XML in my network traffic. Usually I can see the request for the SWF as well as all the request the Flash Player makes (for XML, etc.) Maybe it's because the site uses frames, but that doesn't seem like it would affect Charles... never seen this before.


          This is a stab in the dark but one thing I've been seeing more recently is Flash Player choking on gzipped files... specifically, gzipped SWFs will load but will report bytesLoaded as 0 and never fire off COMPLETE, so auto-play logic is never triggered. Sounds very close to what you're seeing. Since I can't see the SWF traffic on your site I can't see if this is the case, but if your new host is gzipping SWFs try excluding SWFs from gzip -- SWF is already a compressed file format so gzip is pointless.