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    errors, including ae.blitpipe


      In the studio I work in, one or more artists get the following issue:


      When starting AFX an error is shown on screen:


      After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was:<11156> <ae.blitpipe><2> Making new context


      This is followed by a second dialog box with the following message:


      After effects cannot continue: sorry, After effects has crashed. For After Effects Help and support, go to http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_ae_support. If you still can`t resolve the issue, please contact Adobe Technical support(2).


      (0 :: 42)


      Then, a third dialog pops up with this message:


      Before quitting, you have one chance to save your project(don`t use the same name as the original)



      The artist(s) have said that this happens on opening the program on its own, but double clicking on an existing project file does not produce the result. They have also stated that it only happens on the first start up, once they reopen AFX, it is ok. While that may be true, I would rather it did not happen at all and if there is a solution, that would be great.


      We are PC based at the studio, windows 7 64bit

      Dell 5600 with nVidia k4000 graphics card

      Xeon processors

      lots of RAM




      If possible, can I get an answer here and not a link to a FAQ page as they sometimes do not offer the resolution that is required for a particular issue.


      Many thanks and keep up the great work.