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    CC 9.2 (trial) - issues with rasterised objects in ePUB

    Iain Robinson Level 1

      hi all


      We currently use CS5.5 to create our ePUBs and that works well for us, now we know and work around its quirks. I'm playing with the demo of CC (9.2) since I am interested in the pop-up footnotes.


      As a test I have opened up some old docs I had prepared in CS5.5 into CC. They contain images with some text on top which we have grouped and (in CS5.5) set to be rasterised and sided "Relative to Page Width". This means they fill the width of the page, even if the device is rotated/software window resized. Which I what I want to happen. I output an ePUB from CC and these images now are way too big and are not being sized to fit the screen. Looking in the CS5.5 code ID was adding width=100% to the img tag but CC is not. When I check the Object Export Options the size option is now "Relative to Text Flow" (not "Relative to Page Width").


      What does "Relative to Text Flow" actually mean? I can't find anything about it in the help files. I hate Adobe help files these days - all I can find is a page which claims to cover CS5.5, CS6 and CC but how can that be if CC is different in this respect from CS5.5 & CS6! 


      Anyone know how I can get ID to behave as it did previously? I know I can fix it in the code but obviously the less I do of that the better.