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    Adobe PDF Reader - Internet Explorer 11 ActiveX Control failing with unspecified error.

    johnlaur Level 1

      Hello, I am responsoible for our company's web applications. Part of this application displays PDF files embedded in the browser. Please read the summary of things I have already attempted before offering suggestions. I am posting here prior to raising the issue through CC for Teams support in hopes that someone is aware of a solution or workaround.


      Recently, we have received a large number of support requests regarding PDFs no longer displaying in the browser window on Internet Explorer 11 despite current, up-to-date plugins being installed. I have duplicated this problem on several machines now. All are running Windows 7 Professional x64 with IE11, and all Microsoft and Adobe updates are current. I have limited access to test on other combinations of OS; however given the number of our customers who have called us, I am quite confident the issue is widespread.


      When attempting to instance the ActiveX control, there is a non-specific error returned: "Error". The following code run in the console displays the message:


      try { var ax  = new ActiveXObject("AcroPDF.PDF"); } catch (e) { console.log(e); }


      • I have tested using the latest version (11.06.70) of the plugin installed by either Acrobat XI or Adobe Reader XI. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not fix the issue.
      • I have run the installation repair from the Help menu in both Reader and Acrobat to no avail.
      • ActiveX filtering is not causing the issue. I have verified that it is disabled. The control is not blocked by user preference. I have verified that it is allowed to run on the site in my configuration.
      • Internet Explorer Enhanced Protected Mode is not causing the issue. I have tested in multiple security zones and lowered all IE security settings to the absolute minimum.
      • The instance count of AcroPDF.dll increments when trying to instance the control, so it is being called by IE; "Error" is being returned from the DLL not the OLE Automation Server.
      • Other ActiveX controls can be instanced and run fine, including 32-bit only controls.
      • I have tested the suggested registry change of setting "HCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\TabProcGrowth" (DWORD) to 1 to no effect.


      Thanks, anyone for advice.