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    (*.prel) / codec issues


      Ok I have a new PC I5 3570 K processer 8Gb DDR3 ram Navidia GTX760 4 gb graphics card  64 bit op system windows 7. I am using Adobe premier elemenst 11 software and am editing some video footages all good. I use the "File Save as feature  and it only allows me to save as a (*.prel) file so this I do. I then come back to my work and find my saved files and open the said (*.prel) file only to get an Error message on the screen. "File import failure"  " this type of file is not supported , or the required codec is not installed" .

      I am now lost as I have done a load of work and now vcannot get it up to play or work with.. Frutraded.

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          Karandeep Adobe Employee

          Hi Smartcarper,

          Welcome to forums.


          Just right click on .prel file and select open with and select premier elements 11 from there .


          Might be possible premier elements is not opening the correct file when you are double clicking on prel file.



          karandeep singh

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            Smartcarper Level 1

            Hi Tried that that doenot work.

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              Karandeep Adobe Employee


              Normally open premier elements 11 and try to open the project file and check if that is working fine.



              Karandeep singh

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >File Save as feature  and it only allows me to save as a (*.prel) file


                Your .prel is a PROJECT file, and that is what you are doing with "save as" - saving a new project with a different name


                If you desire to create a new video file, you need to go to the SHARE options (see link below)


                >File import failure


                You open a project, you may not import a project... only media files (audio, picture, video)


                The Elements Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 may also help

                -has links to the FAQ/TIPS pages

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                  Smartcarper Level 1

                  Thanks for helping me Karandeep you are a star.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    When you open a new Premiere Elements 11 project, the program takes control over setting the project preset (project settings) plus naming the project plus saving the project in its default location which is Libraries/Documents/Adobe/11.0.

                    All this is done in the project's new project dialog which you do not see because the program is taking over this function.


                    When you are ready to close this project, you do not necessarily have to go to File Menu/Save As. Just hit the close button and click Yes in the save the project pop up. Unless you indicate otherwise, the project will be saved to Libraries/Documents/Adobe/11.0 Folder.


                    If you want to reopen that project, you have several choices which include

                    a. Go to the 11.0 Folder, right click the project.prel file there and select Open With Premiere Elements 11.

                    b. Open Premiere Elements to the Welcome Screen, hit Video Editor/Existing Project and find your project.prel by name.

                    c. Within opened project, File Menu/Open Project/


                    Several key thoughts, your cannot import one project file into another (project.prel into project.prel)


                    The way 11 and 12 are designed, they take control of the project settings setup in the new project dialog that you do not get to see. Typically the project preset is set according to the properties of the first drag to the Timeline. You can get some sort of a idea of what the program has set by looking at Edit Menu/Project Settings/General. But, the settings may or may not be appropriate for your source video. The project preset should match the properties of your source video so that the project is directed to set up the correct space in the Edit Mode monitor for editing purposes. Sometimes it does it right, sometimes not. If not, the project does not give you the closest to what you have, but it gives instead its default which is NTSC AVCHD Full HD1080i30 or the PAL counterpart.


                    Given you know the properties of your source media, then you are left to set the project preset manually. Now you get to see this new project dialog of which I spoke earlier. File Menu/New/Project. There you change the project preset so that its description matches the properties of your source video. And, before you exit the last dialog there, be sure to have a check mark after "Force Selected Project Setting on this Project". Now back in the Premiere Elements Expert workspace, you import your source video with Add Media/Files and Folder/Project Assets from where you drag your file to the Timeline.


                    Lots and lot more details, but getting the project set up optimally is first step. We hope that the comments on project saving have given you some insights into what is happening. Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything written. Please work through the details given to prove that they work for you.