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    Washed out Prints on CS6 mac!


      The version that I have use most of the time was CS3 on mac. Well I was very comfortable using it. Printed some images from it, photos, vector arts, circuits for pcb transfer and so on. There was no problem since the time it was installed on the mac computer setting are mostly default. Images looked almost same as what is seen on my screen.


      Then I tried CS6, everything I have printed in CS3 came out all washed out when I use CS6. I haven't configured anything, all was default. I thought it was just problem on the OS upgraded to 10.9 mavericks. But I tried printing from preview and the image looks better same as how it appeared when printed on CS3.


      Could anyone guide me to achieve same printouts from CS3/Preview or better. My printer is Canon Pixma iP2770.


      Here are images printed in CS6 and in Preview.



      Original From Web



      Printed From PREVIEW




      Printed From CS6