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      I am trying to parse through an xml file which I got as a result of a http request.
      The xml file's structure is:

      Between the links tags there are several URL's specified. The names of the tags are different and their number can differ as well.
      My problem is that I can not access the result.root.links object directly. It is being proxied (mx.utils.ObjectProxy) and I can't get to the real object.

      I tried it with:

      var Test:Object = ObjectProxy(ProxyTest).ObjectProxy::object; but I got the error message:

      Type coercion failed: cannot convert mx.utils.ObjectProxy$ to convert mx.utils.ObjectProxy.

      Is there any other way? And if I succeed can I read out the name of the link tags as well (like 'first' in my example), or can I access only their values?

      Thx 4 your help