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    flash in flex nightmare

    dajj123 Level 1
      Hi All
      So I am building a simple flex site wich loads a flash swf file into it. In the real site that file is a photo gallery that I have. for debugging I have created a simple flash file. I have ran accross a few wierd bugs.

      the movie is very simple two buttons. A movie loads in at start using loadMovie(). Then I have two buttons that load additional Movies when pressed. the code is really simple

      mybtn.onPress = function() {
      mybtn2.onPress = function() {

      this works great on its own

      now the problems come when I load this in flex
      one issue is that the button press does not always get called I press any of the buttons once it kills the loaded movie I press it again it reloads it WIERD

      even wierder is that on a mac the buttons dont work at all. I thought that flash was supposed to be platform browser indepandent.

      I am stuck and frustrated as this app works great in any browser windows except for the buttons not alwasy working but I just did a onPress and onRelease to execute the same button code and that solves that issue. Not the best solution but it works. I am just frustrated with the mac issue

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          peterent Level 2
          Are you using any of the Flash ui components? Is that what your buttons are or are they Flash button symbols - basic stuff without components? Which version of Flash are you using? CS3? Since you have so much already in Flash, what is the purpose of using Flex?
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            dajj123 Level 1
            no ui componenets just simple buttons flash symbols flash cs3. The purpose of using flex is a few. One is to learn flex, figured this would be a good simple project to get my hands around it. The second is there is another part to the app that I have not developed yet. The gallery was already done so I thouighT I would just pull it in and wala all would be good. Mostly it is, except for this breaks on a mac only. It works fine on a pc.
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              peterent Level 2
              It might be a player version issue. Can you verify that the PC and Mac Flash Players are the same revision? You can also grab the one on Adobe labs ( http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer9/) and try it with that. This way we can eliminate any player version issues. We might have a bug in the Mac player and it would be good to resolve it quickly.

              How are you loading the "main" Flash SWF (load.swf) with Flex? Like this:
              <mx:SWFLoader source="load.swf" />
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                dajj123 Level 1
                yes using <mx:SWFLoader source="load.swf" /> . Both the pc and mac have the same version of flash player being the latest. I did download flashplayer 9 on the mac to test that. It seems to work now. However I cant wait till every one upgrades. It does still have one bug with the flashplayer 9 and that is you have to click the button (execute the opress loadMovie funnction) twice on the mac before it executes the code. The work around I found is to run the loadMovie onPress and then again onRelease.
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                  peterent Level 2
                  It is probably worth filing a bug report on this. You can do this at: http://bugs.adobe.com/jira and register for an account. Then once logged in, pick the New Issue link near the top-left of the page. Fill in as many fields as you can and please supply a test application (which it looks like you have already).