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    Preloader Not Showing on Web Page

    WLockIV Level 1



      I just started using the Edge tools, and I LOVE them, but I've gotten stuck on a problem I just don't know how to solve.


      A gallery slide show that I made in Animate is not showing its preloader before it appears. This is bothersome for me because the project takes a few seconds to load, and I want the viewer to understand that something visually aesthetic is loading!!!


      I have configured the gallery to fit in the responsive layout that I built in Edge, so it scales proportionally from the top-left corner of a div box.

      Also, following instructions from others on the interweb, I added a line to center the preloader stage, $("Stage").css("margin", "auto");, in hopes that centering was the issue. Still no dice.


      I have the website published online at www.lockarddesigns.com.


      I think I've got most of the impotant stuff, but If you have any questions that could help me help you help me, please let me know!!!