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    paly back control in the .swf

      I a recorded a demo in captivate and exported as swf file. Then I loaded this demo.swf in my main flash demo file created in Flash 8. when I run my main movie as swf, on a click the demo.swf(created in captivate) loads and runs fine but only the close button in the playback control does not work. on clicking this button the loaded movie does not close.
      can u help. thanks
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          Hi qaouma - i've had a similar issue to this. I got around the problem by creating a blank button in flash itself ( basically a hotspot) that sits over the top of wherever the close button is situated in captivate. Then, when the user goes to click what he thinks is the close button for the captivate movie, he is actually clicking an invisible button in the flash movie, which can have an unloadMovie command , that unloads the moviclip holding the captivate demo

          Maybe not the 'right' way to do things, but worked for me. hope this helps