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    Publishing Embedded Movies in PPTX

    CRF Studios

      We are recording audio to a group of pptx presentations with multiple embedded videos in each presentation.  Historically, we had to convert each video to swf files and re-insert each one back into the slide using the Presenter plug-in within PowerPoint before publishing to our Connect Hosted account.  Is there is a way for Presenter to recognize the embedded videos and publish from the native movie format without converting and re-inserting each video?


      Please help.


      Jeff Chamlee

      Multimedia Manager

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Short answer, no. You need to use the Insert Video or Insert Flash option to embed the videos in a way that will transfer when you convert the PPT to a Presenter Presentation. You can insert FLV or MP4 using the Insert Video tool (Presenter can convert most video formats to FLV for you using the insert video tool), and it will likely give a better quality playback of the video without the quirkiness of video converted to SWF.