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    Printing a Flash File to PDF


      I am an Educator and I use Flash almost exclusively to create graphic organizers for my students. I have Flash CS3 on my macbook, and just upgraded to Flash Pro CC.


      I am able to print a document sized Flash file (No aminations, etc) to a PDF file with CS3, is this possible with CC?





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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Printing (File->Print or programmatically) has been removed from Flash CC at this time.


          If you have Acrobat Pro you can import a SWF to create the PDF in that manner. InDesign should work also. 


          Typically if you subscribe to Flash CC you can download Flash CS6 because Flash CC entirely lacks ActionScript 2.0 support as well as TLFTextFields. CS6 supports those, is still 32bit and has a Print command. Check your Creative Cloud download panel to see if you can get Flash Pro CS6.

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