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    Is it possible to use the keyboard arrow keys to adjust the exact position of a text box in PE11?

    Pavlin Penchev

      Hello all,


      Could someone please give me a tip on a precise way to move a text box a pixel to the left (or right) - any direction really, using the arrow keys on the keyboard instead of the mouse.

      This may sound like a daft question but the only way I can move a text object is by using the mouse and dragging text boxes precisely in any direction is a real pain, especially if I have many of them.

      The mouse just can't be the only way.


      Text Box - Premiere Elements.png


      I wish the arrow keys could work just like in Microsoft Word. When the text box is selected and the arrow cursor is also activated, one can adjust the exact position of the text box.

      It doesn't seem to work in Pr.Elements 11 though. I tried various combinations (Alt + left/right), (Ctrl + left/right) etc. and still nothing.


      Is this possible at all?


      Thanks in advance to those that will bother to respond.