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    How to switch from one type layer to another?


      Is it possible, without having to use my mouse to manually select a different tool, to move from editing type on one layer to type on a different layer?


      Here's my frustration: when I'm editing type on one layer, I would love to be able to use a keyboard command to "refresh" the Type tool and then be able to click on another text layer and start editing there.


      But of course, whatever key I use to try and do that -- for example, typing M to select the Move tool -- simply types an "m" into the selected text layer.


      If memory serves me well (and it might not), I thought there was a keyboard command to do this in a long ago and far away version of Photoshop. Something that might have been lost in subsequent releases.


      The only way I know how to do this now is: (1) edit text in first layer, then (2) use my mouse to select a different tool from the Tool palette, then (3) reselect the Text tool (or use the T keyboard command for that, and then (4) select the second text layer that I want to edit.


      Simply one too many clicks for my liking.