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    NetGalley books won't transfer from ADE to ereader. Advice???


      I've recently become a book reviewer on NetGalley, where one reviews books for publishers.

      I can read the books easily on ADE, but when I try to transfer them to my Kobo, everything seems go okay.

      It seems to copy the files correctly, says it was successful, etc.

      BUT, the book does not show up on my Kobo ereader, or on the Kobo desktop app.

      I contacted Kobo, and they said because I wasn't downloading Kobo content, that I should ask ADE what to do.

      So, here I am!!!


      I have an Adobe ID to ensure that DRM (digital rights management) isn't a problem. Thus, I should be able to transfer content to and from ADE and ereaders.


      No idea of what to do.


      Anyone else encounter a similar situation?

      If so, how did you fix it?