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    How do I access missing fonts that are actually in the Fonts folder?


      We just set up a new computer and I moved all my fonts into it. However, when I try to access certain files, I am told some fonts are missing. In this case, the missing fonts are Arial Narrow Bold, Italic and Bold Italic.

      I tried to reinstall those fonts and was told they are already installed. When I looked in my Fonts folder in Windows, the fonts are there, under Arial (along with Arial Black fonts), but when I try to use one of them in InDesign CS6, I only have a choice of:

      Arial: Arial Narrow, Arial Bold, Arial Italic, Arial Bold Italic


      I also tried to pull them out of the "Arial" group to create a new "Arial Narrow" group, but the computer wouldn't let me do that.


      How can I access my Arial Narrow fonts in the bold and italic versions?