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    1/21/2014 - Beta - Flash Player

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Flash Player Beta Channel Update


      The latest Flash Player 12.0 builds are now available.  You can download Flash Player here: http://www.adobe.com/go/flashplayerbeta.


      New Features:

      • Mac .pkg Installation Support

      Deploying Flash Player and keeping it up to date is a critical task for system administrators worldwide.  In Flash Player 11.9 we added .pkg support for ease of deployment.  In Flash Player 12, we've incorporated feedback from system administrators to improve the workflow and UI.

      • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 Support

      Microsoft has released IE 11 on Windows 7 and we plan to officially support this in Flash Player 12

      • Safe Mode in Safari 6.1 and higher

      Safari 6.1 includes an updated version of Safari with Safe Mode, which implements new security restrictions on the operation of browser plug-ins.  To the extent possible, we've adapted Flash Player to transparently handle these changes.  A small number of behaviors will change in the context of Safe Mode and are explained in the Known Issues section below.

      • 64-Bit PPAPI Flash Player for Chrome

      We'd like to encourage those interested in 64-bit Flash Player for Chrome to please download the latest build available in the Chrome Canary Channel.

      • Graphics: Buffer Usage flag for Stage3D

      We've added a new enum Class called Context3DBufferUsage which defines two constants, STATIC_DRAW (default) and DYNAMIC_DRAW.  These constants specify how buffers will be used in Stage3D. We've also added a new parameter, called "bufferUsage", to the constructors of VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer. This "bufferUsage" parameter uses one of the constants form Context3DBufferUsage, which will allow you to select the appropriate buffer type according to your needs.

      • Supplementary Characters Enhancement Support for TextField – EXTENDED BETA

      This is a desktop enhancement for supporting surrogate pairs in the TextField control.  Now, characters out of the Basic Multilingual Plane(BMP) with Unicode code points between U+10000 and U+10FFFF will work correctly in the TextField control.  It greatly enlarges the code point range we support and includes characters like emotion symbols (emoticons) and complex CCJK characters.  This feature is being introduced in the Flash Player 12 beta but will go live in a subsequent release.  Due to the sensitive nature of text display, we would like an extended test period to ensure no bugs are introduced.

      • Stage3D Creation of Context3D with Profile Array

      We've added a new interface to Stage3D.requestContext3DMatchingProfiles(profiles:Vector.<String> ) which will create a Context3D with highest level suitable profile that is in profile array,  based on the current hardware.  A developer can check the newly added property 'profile' to obtain the current profile that was chosen by the Flash Runtime.



      Testing Guidance:

      With our current and upcoming Flash Player betas, we recommend people pay particular attention to text content displayed via TextField controls.  Changes made for supplementary character enhancement might impact text generally and we'd like to make sure that all cases are covered.  This release also focuses on enhanced premium video capabilities and new platform support.  We're looking for feedback on stability and compatibility with existing content on these new platforms.



      Fixed Issues:


      • IP-multicast failing on IE version 9 and 10 (3689061)
      • Multiple stability and security enhancements



      About the Beta Channel


      Beta Versions of Flash Player are now available for automatic installation via our Background Update service. Please subscribe to automatically install or receive update availability notifications at runtime.