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    Error Message in Photoshop


      When in Photoshop and trying to open a file.  When I click on a folder the error message pops up "could not complete your request because of a programming error".

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved from the Creative Cloud to the Photoshop forum. They will be able to help you here.

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            cstovall21 Level 1

            Thanks.  I am new.  I am using Photoshop within the CC on a trial basis right now.

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              DrStrik9 Level 4

              Have you restarted your computer?


              Try resetting Photoshop Preferences:  https://support.alienskin.com/hc/en-us/articles/200144325-Resetting-Photoshop-preferences-


              Are you trying to open your file from a server on a network? If so, it could be some kind pf permissions issue. Consult your network admin.

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                cstovall21 Level 1

                Yes, I have restarted the computer a couple of times.  No help.  I have looked at the link and tried the keyboard reset but it did not bring up the pop up to ask if I want to reset the settings.  Do you think it is because I am on a trail useage?  I have also tried the targeted approach BUT when I follow the steps for a Mac I do not see the key for the next step 'Go' on my computer so I am stuck here too.


                I am not on a network.  This is a new personal computer.  Thanks.

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                  DrStrik9 Level 4

                  So you were NOT able to reset Prefs? To reset Photoshop Prefs, before you run Photoshop, hold down shift-option-command, and then boot Photoshop. That is what brings up the reset prefs dialog.


                  If resetting Prefs doesn't help, maybe in the Photoshop App folder, run "uninstallPhotoshop" and reinstall.


                  As far as I know, the trial Photoshop is exactly the same as the paid-for version; you just have 30 days.

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                    I have CS7. I am NOT a PS expert by no means. I'm self taught. I do things the long way to achieve the results I want. Maybe some day I'll learn more about the tools that will eliminate all the extra steps and breath holding that I currently do. But, until then...it is what it is. I had four jpgs a friend asked me to remove the background on and replace with white. I diligently performed this operation on 3 pictures and went to save the fourth picture as  a PSD file and a new JPG and a PNG, when I get this error message: "Could not complete your request because of a program error."



                    I'm like WTF? No problem with the other pictures and now I get this error message? All pictures came from same source. I did the basic stuff... shut down PS and reboot PC. Sucky thing was after all that work on the fourth picture I couldn't save it.

                    Almost did a PrtScn move on keyboard (print screen) to retain the finished result, but I know the resolution can suffer in the process.



                    Instead, I Googled this issue. I found numerous comments/feedback about this error message, from many people, over many years, and yet still... no perfect solution. Some suggestions worked for some, some didn't. I tried to download gimp but had issues with the exe file, so I scratched that idea for the moment.



                    I then decided to open Paint. One of my earlier "self-taught graphic programs". Can't believe it still exists...it's such a pain in the *** to use. And not a lot of tools to play with... PS spoiled me, however, I'm not happy with CS7... they took away some of things that worked for me...namely shift or ctrl click on layers to temp link them/duplicate them/drag them to another picture etc. AND my font list not showing the name of the font IN the font. Still searching for solution for that... will probably go back to CS3 and be a happy camper again...



                    OK BACK TO MY STORY... Sooooo... I opened the fourth pic in Paint. Painstakingly erased the background replacing it with white, but not having a tool to "smooth" the edges around the subject, figured it was better than nothing.  SAVED it as a new JPG and PNG... No error message with Paint!


                    THEN I opened up PS again and opened the new JPG I just made in Paint. Deleted the white background and made a new layer with white, then smoothed the edges down on the subject AND THIS TIME I was able to save the file as a PSD AND JPG AND PNG WOOOOT!!!! NO ERROR MESSAGE!!! HALLELUJAH!!!



                    So even though this isn't a fix for what ails Photoshop... I was able to get the job done! Hope this helps the rest of you!