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    Cannot view Video with Flash Player


      on this website - http://www.mynews4.com/mostpopular/story/Ask-Joe-Who-paid-for-the-First-Ladys-birthday/bJQ z-D-F-0KkXm9WjqLNSw.cspx


      my flash player just shows rotating circles - KRNV Video Problem.jpg

      So, what is the fix for this????


      This just plays for as long as I leave the page up - I never get a video.


      I am using Windows XP Pro with IE-8 - latest flash player version 12.....

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          Mike M Level 6


          1. Clearing your browser cache.

          2. Clearing your Flash Player cache.

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            Foxzzy Level 1

            Have done all that - at least ten times. I can view videos on all other web sites I go to except this one - and once a "Media Error #1009" came up on the screen on top of the attempted video play.

            So, if the  idiot Adobe engineers can figure out what causes this error, maybe they can suggest a fix.....

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              Mike M Level 6

              Media Error 1009 is usually related to Adobe AIR.


              Here's what I recommend.

              Download the following by right clicking and selecting "Save target as":

              Shockwave Player Uninstaller

              Flash Player Uninstaller

              Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

              Reboot and then run the UNINSTALLERS first.

              Once they're done, go to: C/Windows/System32 and delete the Macromed folder.

              If your Windows XP is 64 bit, also go to: C/Windows/SysWOW64 and delete the Macromed folder there.

              Open your Control Panel and uninstall AIR from the Add/Remove Programs window.

              Then, open your Registry Editor (Start>Run - or press the Windows key +R - and type "regedit" [minus the quotes] and click OK).

              In the Registry Editor, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE and delete the Macromedia folder.

              Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software and delete the Macromedia folder.

              Close the Reigstry Editor and empty your Recycle Bin.

              Then, run the Flash Player ActiveX installer.

              Run the AIR installer from here: http://get.adobe.com/air/otherversions/

              Run the Shockwave FULL installer for IE/AOL from here: http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/otherversions/

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                Foxzzy Level 1

                Ok,Mike - I performed your suggested steps in the order you said to do them in.

                I never even had Adobe Air installed on my PC in the first place. But it is there now....


                After going thru uninstalling the programs and deleting the System 32 Macromedia folder, and the macromedia folders from the registry, I installed the three programs in the order you said to.


                Well, I gotta tell ya, nothing has changed - still get the exact same thing.


                http://www.mynews4.com/mostpopular/story/Reno-family-searching-for-stolen-puppy/XvjhAeVgY0 iwIg4l_4yMCQ.cspx


                The above is a link to the web siter that refuses to play the flash videos on my PC.

                I have contacted them, their IT guy said they had had a coding problem, but that they had fixed it.


                I can tell you are really trying to help me out, and I really do appreciate that. However, this is extremely frustrating for me, seeing as how my flash plays on every other site I go to with no problems. I will tell you that my next door neighbor has the same OS as I do, and he can get the video on that same web site with no problem. I guess there is something in my PC that is preventing it from running the videos on that site.


                Maybe if you go to it and with your expertise you might be able to pin point just what the problem might be????


                Again, thanks for your help in this...




                I want to thank you for your asistance in this, and maybe with some luck from somewhere I may get to view the videos on this news site one day...

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                  Mike M Level 6


                  1. They say they fixed the code problem (which would cause a 1009 error)

                  2. You've reinstalled everything as I posted


                  IT's probably a "cached" version of the page that's appearing in your browser.


                  Download this file (deepclean.zip)

                  Unzip it and double click the deepclean_set.bat file it contains.

                  A Command Prompt window will open and then your Windows Disk Cleanup, but in a Setup mode.

                  Check EVERY box in the list and click OK.

                  Next, double click the deepclean_run.bat file.

                  Again, a Command Prompt window will open and the Disk Cleanup will run.

                  It'll remove system cache, browser cache, installer backup files and a LOT of stuff you don't need. (Note: It'll take a bit, because the first time, there's a bunch of junk it needs to clean out)

                  After it runs, you won't have any "cached" pages that can load in IE.

                  Afterward, you can delete the deepclean_set file, but hang onto the deepclean_run incase you ever need to do a "deep cleanup" of your hard drive.

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                    Foxzzy Level 1

                    Mike - OK, did as you said to do. Still  no joy.....


                    I usually keep a pretty lean and clean machine normally - so your batch files of inserting all the variables in to the Disk Cleanup Tool and then running it - it didn't take all that long to do it's thing. I got an Intel I5 quad core processor that is also pretty fast.


                    Anyway, I am just resigning myself that this is one of those things that is not going to go away or ever work, I have been screwing with this for a couple weeks now, but it seems that there is very little internet help with this particular problem - the boards are full of folks with this same problem - but no one seems to know just exactly what it takes to perform a fix that works... Some get lucky - and the rest are in my category, waiting for that miracle to happen along....


                    There are times I wish PC's were never invented, they cause way more than their share of headaches for the average Joe blow...


                    Thanks for your attempted help - I do appreciate it...



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                      Foxzzy Level 1

                      Mike - was wondering if Microsoft Silverlight would have anything to do with this - they say it's a different form of flash????

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                        Mike M Level 6

                        Two different animals.  SL content is separate from Flash Content. I have SL and Flash on eight different machines with no conflicts.

                        Just curious, Have you tried this in another browser? Like Firefox?

                        If that works, I'd tend to think it's ActiveX controls blocking the content.

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                          Foxzzy Level 1

                          Yes I have - tried it both in Chrome and Firefox - still the same thing..


                          I am almost to the point of re-installing the OS from scratch and see what happens..


                          I got so much stuff though it would take me a week to get all my stuff back on like I have it....


                          I know my flash player works, because it has no problem with midomi (the song identifier site) which also works with flash for that - plus i can vies videos on any other sire I go to. Maybe you know of a couple flash video sites that I could try just to double check?


                          I know it ain't hardware - because I also have Windows 7 on this PC on another partition, and it works just fine - plays from Windows 7 with no problem.


                          I am pretty bummed out over this one....

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                            Foxzzy Level 1

                            Well I got it fixed!!!


                            Had to do two things - and they worked.


                            First, had to uninstall flash player Ver 12.....


                            Then installed flash player ver 11... Seems 12 is buggy -- Adobe should have another look at it and fix the glitches in it...


                            And, the final TaDa that got er working - had to DELETE the HOSTS file from

                            Windows\system32\drivers\etc Folder. It was not write protectedm and hasd gotten somne internet junk in it. I replaced is with a fresh one that I got from the folks that make the HOSTS file - http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm.


                            Now evetyhing works like a charm - like it always should have!!!!


                            The kicker that threw me was the hOSTS file - found a suggedtion on the web about it blocking flash videos because of screrwey code getting written into it from hackes=r sites - so, RECOMMEBND you install the latest HOSTS file and Write protect it by making it read only - which will also prevent the build-up of ancillary hosts files that get created in that folder.....


                            Thank you Mike for your help - it got me to where I decided I was going to find this bug if it took forever....