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    removing scroll bar from product pages

    ahurani Level 1

      I need to remove the scroll bar that appears on the product pages. It doesn't matter if I have only one product or 100 on the page with the small images, I still get a scroll bar on the right side. I've tried adding and removing margins and padding, set the container height to auto, and removed the previous and next buttons from the shop templates, all to no avail. It appears to be caused by the table that holds the products, but no change to the code fixes it.


      I have included a screen print of the top of the page showing the scroll bar. There are only 3 images on this page and plenty of room below them. Overflow has been set to auto (and/or visible) on the container, the table, and the page.



      So, can anyone tell me how to shut off that scroll bar? I can't find that code that includes it so I can't see what's going on.


      Thank you for you help.




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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Got a link?

          How does a person navigate down your site if you turn the scroll bar off? If you mean that you got a lot of space below your products you want to get rid of, if you provide a link, people like myself can have a look a the html and css and identify the issues for you.

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            ahurani Level 1





            Thank you for answering.




            I didn't want to turn the scroll bar on the page off, but the scroll bar that appears in a div container. I finally solved the problem by turning overflow: auto to overflow: hidden. And smacked myself in the forehead and said, "Duh. I knew that." Too tired and too close to the problem I guess.




            The only other thing I can't seem to find is the large space that appears above a product table. I've tried everything from margins to padding and beyond.




            Sorry about not including the url. I have used the forum so rarely that I didn't think of that. It is www.whimsicalley02.businesscatalyst.com, just in cases you want to look at the big space on Harry Potter > Accessories and on the large product page. I'd love to tuck the product closer to the breadcrumb, but if that is not possible, then c'est la vie.




            Thank you.