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    Flash Player 12 in Chrome Performance Problems anyone

    Ged_mc Level 1

      Does anyone else have problems with FP12  in chrome?


      I've noticed an issue in Chrome with Flash 12 which appears like a stall to the user.

      In fact what seems to be happening is flash is not renderiing ( or sometimes taking 10+ seconds) the final frame in a sequence of programmed animation or a state change - it just hangs on it for 10+ seconds


      It is possible to "wake up" chrome / flash 12 by clicking the URL or waiting for 10-15 seconds - but by then our customers think the fault lies with our app.


      Were using Flex 4.6 to compile our web app in Flash builder using noting too fancy, just programmed animation and state changes.


      The issue starts with the preloader and wrecks the experience throughout. The app plays well in other browsers - not yet tested them with FP12.


      We're on Win  7 64bit.  We have version 12,0,0,41 installed