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    Photoshop CS6 Mac - No window coming up on Launch




      The problem is that when I try to launch Photoshop CS6, the icon bounces in the bar as normal applications do but then nothing happens. I don't get the photoshop loading square thing come up or any other window. The top bar says that photoshop is open but it is not there. You can look at the menus on the top bar but as soon as you click one of the options, everything greys out and I am forced to force quit. The computer isn't reckognising that anything is wrong. I'm not getting any errors or messages.


      I have tried clearing settings, launching with shift and reinstalling but they haven't done anything. Everything is up to date.


      This has all happened suddenly. Last time I used photoshop was mid december and all was working fine then, I have had the software for over a year now. I can't think of anything in that time frame which could of caused this.


      I am using a 2011 macbook pro running 10.9.1. I have a full suite of other CS6 applications which are all working fine. It is just Photoshop that is the problem.


      Any suggestions would be much appriciated.