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    Error Code 0 - Can you help me?


      When I try to save my document, I get this pop-up.

      Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.23.04 PM.png

      When I tried to export my document instead as an IDML or XML, InDesign crashed.



      How the problem started:


      I'm designing a brochure from a separate file whose fonts were missing/outdated [Gotham, Gotham Bold, Gotham Narrow, etc]. When I imported the fonts into my Mac OS's Font Library from a file my company provided, the errors for "missing fonts" disappeared and I got the green light.


      I tried to save that document, but kept getting the "Error Code 1" pop-up. I decided to move-on, not save it, and just start creating my own file in a new tab.


      In creating my new document, I copied and pasted some of the images and text from the previous brochure. When I tried to save this document, I got the pop-up response displayed above.



      After my InDesign crashed, I reopened it and Quit it properly. Reopened the application, tried to create and save an entirely brand new document... I'm getting the same pop-up message with different numbers after "DBTmp" now.




      I've read the advice and tried various solutions.


      ...including locating my InDesign Recovery folder in my Mac Library under User, but that folder and/or item is not listed. It is listed in my Photoshop file however.



      I'm at a loss and need my InDesign to work properly. Can you please help me?