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    Can anyone recommend tips and best practices for FrameMaker-to-RoboHelp migration ?

    kdeuler Level 1

      Hi. I'm planning a migration from FM (unstructured) to RH. I'd appreciate any tips and best practices for the migration process. (Note that at the moment I plan to import the FM documents into, not link to them from, RH.)


      For example, my current FM files are presently not optimally "chunked", so that autoconverting FM file sections (based on, say, Header 1 paragraph layout) won't always result in an optimal topic set. I'm thinking of going through the FM docs and inserting dummy paragraphs with a tag somethike like "topic_break", placed in more appropriate locations that the existing headers. Then, during import to RH, I'd use the topic_break paragraph to demark the topics. Is this a good technique? Beyond paragraph-based import delineation, do you know of any guidelines for redrafting FM chapter file content into RH topics?


      Also, are there any considerations/gotchas in the areas of text review workflow, multiple authoring, etc. after the migration? (I've not managed an ongoing RH doc project before, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!






      BTW, the main reason for the migration: Info is presently scattered in various (and way to many) PDF files. There's no global index. I'd like to make a RoboHelp HTML interface (probably WebHelp layout) so it can be a one-stop documentation shop for users.