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    Accessing Attachment Feature to a HTML form


      Help. I subscribed to the .99 for the first month of FormsCentral and can't access the Attachment feature.

      I'd gladly pay for a month of two of FormsCentral, not the year. Everytime I want to upgrade thinking I can

      then access the attachment feature, it wants me to pay a full year subscription. I need the attachment feature,

      yet not a year's subscription. Thank you.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          With the "Trial" you should (for 30 days) have the "Basic" level subscription - and unless you turn off the automatic renewal should continue to have Basic level subscription after that...


          Do you have any other email addresses you may have used to make the purchase or sign into FormsCentral? 

          I checked the level of service registered for the email address you used to sign into the Forums and it is "Free", the first thing I would recommend is that you confirm for sure you are signing in with the right Email address (AdobeID), the same as you purchased the upgrade with...  You can sign into this page with the same email you are using for FormsCentral to confirm that AdobeID has the Basic level subscription:






          Note: There are no "feature" differences between the "Basic" (monthly) and "Plus" (annual) - the difference is how many forms you can create (5 in Basic, unlimited in Plus) and how many responses you can recieve (500 vs 5000).  They both include all of the "paid features" including the Attachment field support.  The one other difference is in the payment schedule and it is worth noting that the "Plus" membership gives you more and since it is billed annually costs less over the year since you are committing to one year (if you split the annual cost over 12 months it comes to less than the Basic plan monthly).

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            SDCarver Level 1



            I signed in with an email to access the Trial at the Basic Level. That worked.


            Yet, I can't access the attachment feature with the trial level.


            So, when I go in - with the same email - to upgrade, it only lets me upgrade to the annual level.


            Help. I'd desperately need the attachment feature, and I'm figuring out how to access it.



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              What do you mean by "that worked" to sign in to access the Trial?  What tells you that the AdobeID you are signing in with indeed has a "Basic Trial"?  Do other "Paid" level features work such as saving the form as a PDF, setting up Email Receipts or Notifications on the Optinos tab?


              The fact that it only offers you "Plus" to upgrade to does hint that your account is "Basic" but when we look at your AdobeID used to sign into this Forum, it does not have the "Basic" leve, it is at the "Free" level.


              That was why I had asked you to sign into this page to see what it says about your subscription - and make sure to sign in using the same AdobeID/Email used to sign into this forum: https://www.adobe.com/account/my-products-services.html#MyServicesHead er


              The most common cause of this issue is signing in with a different Email address, just because you can sign into the service does not mean that same Email address is the correct one with the "Trial"...


              Is there another Email address you might have used to sign up for the Trial?  Try to sign in with any other Email address you may have used to see if the Trial is attached to a different Email/AdobeID...


              If you're sure this is the right email address and it isn't working I'll forward to Support to follow up, it is entirely possible the account is in "limbo" and needs to be touched by Support.




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                SDCarver Level 1



                I understand the importance of having the correct email as the username.



                I have three - ridiculous I know.


                Are you able to delete two of them?









                The s.carver@csuohio.edu actually has a "form" that I've uploaded.


                It's the one I'd like to add the button so applicants can upload documents


                after they have filled out their scholarship application.


                And in that account, where I have the form upload, I can not find where to access the attachment feature?



                Am I making sense?





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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  Those all show "Free" so I am forwarding to the Support team to follow up with you.  They should contact you shortly.




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                    SDCarver Level 1

                    Oh thank goodness. Thank you. I am so looking forward to getting this issue resolved.

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                      Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                      The support team tried to call you but was unable to reach you, they sent me the following message:

                      I tried calling Susan on (phone number removed) but she was unavailable. The order (order number removed) that she placed under this email address s.carver@csuohio.edu has an error and we are unable to fix it.  I have sent her an email asking her to place a new order. She has not been charged for this order.


                      It looks like you should place the order again - but you had noted that it was not allowing you to purchase the "Trial" and only the Annual, they may have fixed it to the point it will now let you purchase the right one, if it still does not work let me know - you can send an email to jcorey@adobe.com and include a good contact phone that the support team can use to reach out to you.