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    Movie Clip Actions

      I have a character for a game I am making. He is facing right when I start, but when I move left he keeps facing right. Now I assumed that I could just swap a movie clip so I made another movie clip and fliped all of its atributes horizontally. But now I can not figure how the put that in the actions. Can someone please help me do this and if not tell me what to do instead to solve the problem.
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          Some1Won Level 1
          Hm, not sure if there is a single method for swapping movieclips just like that (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

          You could remove, and then re-add the mirrored version of character clip. Or even just create the mirrored character clip on the same depth as the current character clip (as it would replace whatever clip was on that depth).

          But I think a better way (and what I would do instead) is to combine the left and right versions into 1 movie clip. The left version can be on frame 1, and the right version can be on frame 2. Then depending on the key press, just go to frame 1 or 2 before moving. It can be easier/neater as there are less movieclips to manipulate.
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            Sketchsta Level 1
            The combining both left and right animations on separate frames as Some1Won suggested is a good way to do it, in my opinion.

            Another would be to simply change the _xscale of the movieClip to ( - ) negative whatever it is. This will "flip it horizontally".
            I had used this in a intro i made once with Paper Cranes flying at random positions on stage.

            Hope this helps you out abit.
            Im sure others here would have other ideas for you as well.